Is This The Female IAF Pilot Who Carried Out Air Strikes On Pakistan?

Photo of female fighter pilot shared claiming her involvement in the air strike in Pakistan is false.


"The only woman Air Force soldier to enter Pakistan and kill 300 terrorists. Congratulations to this Indian lioness" (In Hindi - पाकिस्तान में घुसकर 300 आतंकवादियों कोमारने वाली एकमात्र एकमात्र महिलाएयरफोर्स सैनिक. इस भारतीय शेरनीको बधाईव नमन)


The claim is false. BOOM found that the woman in the photo is IAF pilot Avani Chaturvedi. In 2016, Chaturvedi became one of the first female fighter pilots to be inducted into the IAF . BOOM had previously debunked the same claim in February 2019, when it was viral after Balakot strikes. Five IAF pilots - Wing Commander Amit Ranjan, Squadron Leaders Rahul Basoya, Pankaj Bhujade, BKN Reddy and Shashank Singh were awarded the Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry) for bombing Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist camp in Pakistan’s Balakot. IAF's Squadron Leader Minty Agarwal was also awarded the Yudh Sewa Medal for her role as a fighter controller reported India Today on August 24, 2019.

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Claim Review :   Photo Of Female IAF Pilot Who Carried Out IAF Air Strikes Against Pakistan
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