How Good Are You At Identifying A Fake Currency Note?

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Fake currency notes of 500 and 1000 denomination are so perfect that it is difficult to identify them at all. We ask the common man to give it a try.

The number of fake currency notes caught by banks and the RBI has been increasing over the last three years. While fake Rs. 100 and Rs. 1,000 notes have surged, the number of similar five-hundred rupee notes have reduced. Of the fake currency detected in 2015-16, 41 per cent was of Rs. 500 denomination and 35 per cent, Rs. 100.

Pakistan is said to be playing a vital role in flooding the Indian markets with fake Indian currency notes. In a concerted effort to curb the menace of fake Indian currency notes, the Centre is likely to bring in more foolproof safety measures in the notes.

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