Old Video Of A Knife Attack In Jharkhand Revived With Communal Spin

BOOM debunked the same false claim in 2019. The incident has no communal angle as the couple in the video are Hindus.


"Look at the situation of a Hindu girl who fell for "love-jihad", she was saved from dying." (देख लो लव जिहाद में फंसने वाली हिन्दू ल़डकियों का हाल मरते मरते बची)


An old video from Ranchi, Jharkhand showing a group of people question a youth for attacking a young woman with a knife has been revived online with false communal claims. BOOM had debunked the same false claim of 'love-jihad' (a Hindu girl in a relationship with a Muslim boy) last year. The incident took place in September 2019. BOOM found that the couple belong to he same religion i.e. they are Hindus. We had reached out to Vinod Ram, sub-inspector Pithoria, Ranchi who told us that the two were in a relationship and that the boy's name was Arvind Kumar. Kumar suspected the girl was cheating on him and so he attacked her with a knife. He was booked under Section 307 of the Indian Penal Code. Meanwhile the girl survived the attack.

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Claim Review :   देख लो लव जिहाद में फंसने वाली हिन्दू ल़डकियों का हाल
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