No, This Is Not Ravish Kumar Disguised As A Woman At The Farmer's Protest

BOOM had earlier debunked the claim and found the lady to be a protester at Shaheen Bagh, Shakeela Begum.


Photo of a femaler protester at Shaheen Bagh shared as "To honour the farmers, grandmother from NDTV in the field !" (Original text: किसानों के सम्मान में NDTV वाली दादी मैदान में..!)


A fake claim that NDTV journalist Ravish Kumar diguised himself as a protester has been revived linking it to the ongoing Delhi Chalo march. The photo is fro, Feb 2020 and shows Shakeela Begum, a female protester at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi. In February, when the photo first went viral, Ravish Kumar took to Facebook that it was his photo and identified the woman as Begum, with another NDTV reporter tracking her at the protest and speaking to her.

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Claim Review :   Journalist Ravish Kumar disguised himself as a woman to take part in the farmers protest
Claimed By :  Social Media posts
Fact Check :  False
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