No, This Is Not Annies Kanmani Joy - Kodagu's COVID-19 Warrior

The woman in the video is an associate at an e-commerce firm in Hyderabad and not a district collector from Coorg


"Annies Kanmani Joy, a nurse from Trivandrum Medical College who later became Kodagu's (Coorg) District Collector after studying IAS is being felicitated for helping the disease overcome the COVID-19 pandemic"


BOOM found that the woman in the video is not Annies Kanmani Joy. BOOM fact checked the same video recently when it was viral with captions falsely identifying her as the Hathras victim in Uttar Pradesh. The woman is an associate at marketing and e-commerce firm named Safe Shop India, in Hyderabad. Safe Shop officials BOOM spoke to at the time further added that this video was from an event in 2019-early 2020. When asked as to why were people touching her feet and paying their requests, the officials added that this was a custom at the organisation. Her name has been withheld upon request.

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Updated On: 2020-10-29T16:18:58+05:30
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