Highway Hotels Serving Biryani With Impotency Drugs? Fake Claim Revived

Debunked images have resurfaced with claims that Muslim hotels on Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra highways are serving biryani laced with drugs to make Hindus impotent


“Alert, Alert!! Muslim hotels on highways of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra are serving biryani to Hindus laced with tablets that can make one impotent. Avoid visiting these Muslim hotels. These people serve non-vegetarian to eradicate Hindu religion and population in the long run. This chemical formula is harmful and is used to make us unhealthy. All the buses coming from Rajasthan halt in these Muslim hotels. Beware!”


A set of unrelated images, which were viral earlier with claims that, a Muslim hotel in Coimbatore served biryani laced with impotency tablets, have resurfaced. In a tweet the Coimbatore police had rubbished the claims. The same images are now viral with a narrative that Muslim hotels located on the Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra highway are using the trick to make Hindus impotent. BOOM found the images of tablets are from an article by Daily Mirror Sri Lanka, about a father-son duo being nabbed by the police in Colombo for storing illegal drugs. The image of a man serving biryani is from a YouTube video posted on June 30, 2016, with the title: "Indian Muslim festival DUM BIRYANI Preparation for 30 People & STREET FOOD".

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Updated On: 2020-03-12T15:35:27+05:30
Claim Review :  Muslim Hotels located on the highway of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra serve biryani laced with impotency tablets
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Fact Check :  False
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