Does This Video Show Plastic Rice Being Manufactured In China?

An old video showing a plastic recycling unit has been revived to spread a hoax of plastic rice being made in China.


"See how China is making plastic rice" (Translated from Bengali text - দেখুন চীন কিভাবে পেলাস্টিক চাল তৈরি করছে।


The video actually shows a plastic recycling unit, which can be seen converting plastic waste into pellets that look similar to rice grains. The same video has been used to create a scare about 'plastic rice', over the last few years.Despite multiple claims, India's Food Safety and Standards Authority has found no conclusive proof of plastic rice in India. BOOM has written about the plastic rice hoax extensively in the past. Read more about it below.

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Claim Review :  Video shows plastic rice being made in China
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