2019 Video Of Tribal Woman Assaulted In MP Revived With False Claims

In 2019, Madhya Pradesh police told BOOM that the incident involved members of the victim's family.


A viral video showing a tribal woman being assaulted in Madhya Pradesh by her family members for eloping with a dalit man has been revived with false claims. A Facebook user posted the video with a claim that she was assaulted by members of Bajrang Dal and RSS for defecating in a Brahmin's field. (Original text in Hindi: इसकी मदत करो हाथ जोडता हू इस जगह अपनी बहन बहन समझकर इसको इतना फेलाओ कि मीडीया और बेटी बचावो नारा देनेवाले तक पहुचा दो इंसानियत के वासते जितनेभी ग्रुप है उसमे छोड़ते रहो रुकना नही चाहिए | जुर्म सिर्फ इतना है कि लड़की हरिजन समाज की होकर । ब्रम्हाड के खेत में शौच करने गयी थी। देखो ये बजरंग दल और RSS वाले की हरामीपन)


According to news reports published on The Hindu on June 30, 2019, the woman, a tribal, was beaten by her family members for having eloped with a Dalit man. The article reported that the incident was from a village 90 km from Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. Kamlesh Singhar, TI, Bagh police station told BOOM that as the video went viral, the police department sprung in action and identified all the seven people in the video and arrested them. The victim's brother Mahesh was also among those arrested.

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Claim Review :   Woman assaulted by members of Bajrang Dal and RSS
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