Video Of Robbery Shared As Migrants Attacking For Money In Delhi

BOOM found that the incident is from Baljeet Nagar and the accused are local residents.

A disturbing footage of a man being attacked and robbed in broad daylight is being shared with false claims that the accused are migrants robbing and killing a man for money.

BOOM found that the incident is from Baljeet Nagar in Delhi and the accused are minors from the area. Delhi Police told BOOM that the accused are not migrant workers and that the victim is alive.

The video shows two men follow the victim and suddenly attack him - while one him holds him in a neck grip, the other robs his belongings. They then flee from the scene, leaving the man in an unconscious state in the narrow lane.

The video is being shared with a caption warning people from stepping out at night as "migrants/labourers/poor people are killing people for money". The full caption reads, "Pl don't go out during nights as some labours / migrants / poor people are killing innocent people for Money / Jewellery.. as there is cash crunch in the market. This kind of incidents are bound to happen in near future very there is no money rotation across country n daily labours have no cash in hand.. "

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The video is being shared on Facebook with the same claim along with another video of robbery in Delhi that BOOM had previously debunked. Read the Fact-Check here.

Fact Check

BOOM found that the accused are minors from the area and not migrants. The local police also told BOOM that the victim is alive and not dead as is being claimed.

The date stamp mentioned on the left hand corner was April 14, 2020 and 'Baljeet Nagar' can be seen written in the bottom right corner of the footage.

A search for the keywords 'Baljeet Nagar' and 'Çhori' in Hindi showed us news reports from several news Hindi news outlets including Navbharat Times, Jansatta and ABP. The photos used by Jansatta and ABP showed matched the visuals of the viral video.

According to the ABP report, the accused were minors and stole the victim's mobile phone.

We then reached out to Piyush Jain, assistant commissioner of police, Delhi Central district who said, "The incident is from April and the accused stole the victim's mobile phone and fled the scene." He added that the accused and victim are locals from the area and are minors.

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Claim Review :   Video shows migrants mugging and killing a man in Delhi
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