No, Delhi Violence Gunman Is Not Anurag Mishra

A viral post passes Mohammed Shahrukh's picture as that of a certain Anurag Mishra based on his Facebook profile


The gun-wielding man pictured in Delhi goes by the name of Anurag Mishra, according to the pictures in an attached Facebook profile


This claim is false, as BOOM has previously written about the man being Mohammed Shahrukh, who has currently been arrested by the Delhi Police. He was also recently falsely identified as Rohit Rajput. Shahrukh was seen pointing a gun at a policeman during the ongoing Delhi unrest, and shot few rounds in the air.

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Updated On: 2020-02-26T19:17:10+05:30
Claim Review :  Post identifying Delhi shooter as Anurag Mishra
Claimed By :  Facebook page 'Muslim'
Fact Check :  False
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