Did French Police Kill Muslim Immigrants? A FactCheck

BOOM found that the incident happened in Brazil in November 2019, when drug peddlers engaged in clashes with civil guards

A video of clashes between cops and drug dealers in Brazil's Sao Paulo has resurfaced with claims that it is from France where Muslim immigrants were caught rioting on the streets.

The video shows an unruly mob overpowering a policeman on a bike, as other cops come to give him cover. The cops in turn fire at the mob and later shoot one in retaliation.

The 1 minute 35 second clip is doing the rounds on Facebook and Twitter with the caption: "Police fight New Muslim Immigrants whom were allowed in. They have already started rioting on the streets of France. They want Shariah Islamic Law and no go to Muslim areas. This may be future situation in UK and other European Countries for giving asylum to Muslim migrants. At least French Police have liberty to shoot them. ..👇"

The video is disturbing in nature. Discretion is advised.

Click here for the tweet and here for the archive.

The video is viral in the wake of the nationwide protests triggered by the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Multiple tweets have also referred to an old incident of New Delhi where a group of men beat up two traffic cops, after they were caught flouting traffic rules. The tweets compare France and its rules to kill lawbreakers with India's legal system.

It has been captioned as, "Attention India. When a French police team was attacked by Muslim infiltrators, they retaliated and killed one. They are allowed to kill if they are attacked but not here. In Delhi, two cops were beaten up by a Muslim mob over the issue of a challan. They ran and saved their lives."

(Original text in Hindi - सावधान भारत फ्रांस पुलिस की टीम पर जब मुस्लिम घुसपैठियों ने हमला किया तो पलटकर उन्होंने उन्होंने एक की जान ले ली। उन्हें छूट है कि अगर उन पर हमला होता है तो वे जान से मार सकते हैं, यहां नहीं। दिल्ली में चालान पर दो पुलिस को मुस्लिम भीड़ ने जम कर धुनाई कर दी। भागकर जान बचा पाए।)

Click here for the tweet and here for the archive.

BOOM also received the same video for verification on its helpline number (7700906588).


BOOM performed a reverse image search on a few of its key frames and were led to multiple news articles from Brazil featuring the same video.

According to news reports, the incident happened in Sao Paulo, Brazil in November, last year, when a group of drug mafias clashed with the Brazilian civil guards.

The video captures a clash between the GCM (Metropolitan Civil Guard) in the Cracolândia region of São Paulo, Brazil with drug bandits of the region.

The B News report describes the incident where a drug dealer chased down a GCM guard's motorcycle. The miscreant snatched the guard's gun and shot him, moments after overpowering him. Following this, other guards appeared and chased the attacker after firing multiple shots. The bandit was finally immobilised by one of the guards.Another news report on the incident can be accessed here .

The Municipal Police has also shared the same video on their Facebook page.

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Claim :   French Police shoots at rioting Muslim immigrants.
Claimed By :  Social Media Users
Fact Check :  False
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