Fake News Police: ‘Firdaus We Ascend’ Islamic State WhatsApp Hoax Goes Viral


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A WhatsApp message warning people about joining and not being able to exit an Islamic State -linked group named ‘Firdaus we ascend,’ is fake. The WhatsApp forward, which does not provide any source for its claim, says the WhatsApp group belongs to Daesh (Daesh is an Arabic acronym for Islamic State) BOOM decided to investigate.


How we know it’s fake.


A source familiar with Facebook (WhatsApp’s parent company) confirmed the following.


1. When a user receives a WhatsApp message from an unknown number, the user has an option to report spam, block or add to contacts.



2. A user can exit and/or delete a WhatsApp group at any point in time


3. A group admin can add a person without their consent to a group but cannot stop a person from exiting the group. (A group can have maximum 256 participants)


4. WhatsApp has safety features to report abusive or disturbing content within the app. WhatsApp says it has end-to-end encryption and does not read messages of its users but users can still flag content through its website or the app.




5.  Read more about how to use WhatsApp Group chat here.


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  • Nupur Chatterjee

    Thank you Boom for clarifying this rumour

  • Romi

    Very clever, you will selectively choose news that targets online Islamic Jihad and debunk it. How much of your funding is coming from the middle east and parties like AAP and Congress?

    • George Stephenson

      Islamic jihad means killing our brothers and sisters in the name of our father (God)
      Islam is an infection
      It infects people’s mind and forces them to hunt their own species

    • Nikhilesh Nerambally

      Bhakt/Jhumla IT Cell spotted.

      • Romi

        Scumbag Mulla lick spittle identified.

        • Nikhilesh Nerambally

          You should’ve used your calmer side of your mind. Also, you shouldn’t have responded me back with an offensive reply. It means you have admitted and agreed that you are what I called you in the first place, a mere Bhakt/Jh IT Cell. You shouldn’t have. Lord Krishna said this in our Bhagavad Gita. You haven’t even read that also, I can safely affirm. I rest my case, milord.

          • Stop quoting your religous books Nikhilesh Nerabmalli. You will be perceived as equally closed minded like any muslim friend when you start quoting your religious text. Come out of religion man…. do not discuss it publicly. It is not a coincidence that developed countries have very little public display of religions (the gulf countries excluded because they have disproportionate wealth due to oil and therefore despite their backwardness they appear developed).

            And Abdul Rafeeq – if you really want to prove that what you say (about peacefulness) please abandon your public display of religion. Have you seen Buddhists publicly displaying religion? They qualify to be one of the most peaceful religion – not islam, not hindus.

    • Nikhilesh Nerambally

      Please don’t be blind. Even I hate Pakistan’s and Radical Muslims’ terrorist attitude. But it doesn’t mean you spew venom on India’s opposition parties. Just think of it. If there’s no healthy opposition, India will become one man one party nation, and it will bring catastrophe. Open your history books. Even Congress was about to be one party nation back in the 70’s. What happened then? Remember?

    • Nikhilesh Nerambally

      Also, you forgot to bash BSP and TMC too. Consider my previous comment too, once you calm down.

  • Aditya Pradhan

    It’s not really that only islamic people do that, It can be anyone. Their group might include hindu people too.
    So we can not criticise by the religion.
    Anyways that’s a false news!

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