FactCheck Alert: From Kulbhushan Jadhav's Death Sentence To Success Of Give It Up Campaign

Who is Kulbhushan Jadhav?, an Indian spy in Pakistan or a pawn between the two countries fighting a fierce diplomatic battle. BOOM investigates.

Fact Check 1: Suspected Indian intelligence agent Kulbhushan Jadhav has been sentenced to death by a Pakistani military court. Arrested in 2014, Pakistan has accused Jadhav of aiding Baloch insurgent groups in their conspiracy against Pakistan. India has denied Jadhav's association with the Indian intelligence network but Pakistan has insisted on persecuting him according to their laws without being given a fair legal process. But who is Jadhav and has he become a pawn between the two countries fighting a fierce diplomatic battle. BOOM brings together the facts.

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Fact Check 2: The NDA government is preparing to fix portion sizes of dishes served by star hotels and restaurants, a fortnight after Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed concern about wastage of food in his monthly Mann Ki Baat radio programme. But is this practical and has this been tried in any other country before?

Fact Check 3: The government claims savings of Rs 2500 cr by way of subsidies given up by consumers. Several consumers on social media have complained that they were tricked into giving up subsidies and want it back. The government had said those giving up subsidies can re-apply after one year. So are more consumers seeking subsidies or is the government's Give It Up campaign on track. We do a fact check

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