Lockdown Extended Till May 3: Top Takeaways From PM Modi's Address

Modi made his 3rd address to the nation, since the beginning of the pandemic.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an address to the nation, said that the 21-day lockdown will be extended till May 3. Emphasising on the importance of social distancing, the prime minister also said that those states who manage to control the spread of COVID-19 will be given conditional relaxation from April 20.

Top Takeaways:

1. Lockdown extension

Modi announced an extension of the ongoing lockdown till May 3, mentioning the suggestions he received from various state leaders on the issue.

"After speaking to many state leaders, one common suggestion from everyone was to extend the lockdown. Some states have already decided. So we decided to extend the lockdown till May 3," he said.

2. Increased Caution Towards Hotspots

"Those places marked as hotspots shall be treated with increased caution. We also have to keep an eye on those places that can turn into hotspots, and take drastic steps if necessary. The creation of new hotspots will challenge our efforts and create new problems," he stated.

3. One week of close monitoring

Modi also mentioned that until April 20, every city, district and state will be monitored very closely, to see how well the lockdown is followed and evaluate its effectiveness.

4. Conditional relaxation of lockdown after April 20

He stated that those places that would prevent the increase of hotspots will get permits to get important things done. He also added that if new COVID-19 cases are found, such permits will be revoked. A detailed guideline on such permits will be announced soon.

"This conditional permit will be issued while keeping in mind the needs of the poor - the daily wage earners. While making the guidelines, their interest have been taken into consideration," he added.

5. Stocked up

Modi reassured the country that there were enough stocks of medicines and rations for the country. He added that the supply chain issues are being taken care of.

6. Health infrastructure

"When it comes to health infrastructure, we are going ahead," he said. He stated that there are currently more than 220 labs testing for COVID-19 in the country.

"Global experts say that for 10,000 corona patients, you need 1500 hospital beds. We have more than 1 lakh beds arranged already. That's not all; more than 600 hospitals are now dedicated to fighting COVID-19," he said.

7. The 7-point plea

Modi made the following 7-point plea to the citizens of the country:

  1. Take care of the elderly, especially those with pre-existing illnesses.
  2. Strictly follow guidelines of lockdown and social distancing. Wear homemade face covers or mask.
  3. Follow Ayush ministry guidelines to increase your immunity. Consume kada and hot water at home.
  4. Download the Aarogya Setu App, to help stop the spread of the infection.
  5. Look after poor families and their needs.
  6. Don't lay-off employees.
  7. Respect the corona warriors - doctors, nurses, sanitation workers and police.
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