Did BJP MP Ravi Kishan Say Sweat Of Dalits Smells Foul? A FactCheck

BOOM found that the MP's statement is being shared out of context.

A video showing Bharatiya Janata Party leader Ravi Kishan conversing with his followers inside a car is being shared online with captions falsely claiming that the politician was caught on camera saying the sweat of Dalits smells foul.

BOOM found that Ravi Kishan's statement is being shared out of context.

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The BJP MP had on January 14 tweeted a picture of himself having food with a Dalit family in Gorakhpur. The viral video is being shared in this background.

Ravi Kishan's tweet in Hindi translated to 'Today had food with the family of a Dalit brother in Gorakhpur'.

(Hindi: आज #गोरखपुर में दलित भाई के परिवार में सह भोज किया ।)

The 29-second-long video recorded on a mobile phone from the backseat of a moving car shows Ravi Kishan talking to his followers. While speaking in Hindi, he says "You have packed so many people inside (the vehicle)... your sweat is smelling so much.. what should I say."

To this, someone from behind replies in Bhojpuri saying, "Now what should we say Ravi bhaiyya, we have been running around for Kanhaiyya bhaiyya day night."

At this point, Ravi Kishan replies in Bhojpuri: So will you make me smell the sweat. The MP then tells the person to stop recording the video.

(Hindi: इतना लोग सब ठेला दिए हो इसके अंदर तुम लोग का पसीना ऐसा महक रहा है ना का बोले)

(Bhojpuri: अब का बताई रवि भैया कन्हैया भैया खातिर दिन रात दौड़ल जात हव and अरे तो हमहि के तू लोग पूरा सुन्घ्वइबा)

The viral video has been shared on Facebook with a Hindi caption that translates to 'MP Ravi Kishan had food at a Dalit's house out of compulsion, Dalit's sweat smells foul'.

(Hindi: सांसद रवि किशन ने दलित के घर मज़बूरी में खाना खाया, दलित का पसीना महकता है उससे बदबू आती है!!!)

View the post here.

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The video has also been shared on Twitter with similar claims.

Click here for archived version.

Fact Check

BOOM found news report about Ravi Kishan having food at the home of a Dalit person in Gorakhpur on January 14. News reports stated that the MP had been trolled on social media for sharing the pictures of his luncheon with the Dalit family.

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BOOM then watched the video closely and found that Ravi Kishan was referring to the people sitting in the vehicle (his followers) while talking about the stench of sweat. Below is a translation of the conversation between the MP and his followers in Hindi and Bhojpuri.

Ravi Kishan: You have packed so many people inside (the vehicle)

Follower: Others came later, a couple of us were sitting inside already.

Ravi Kishan: Your sweat is smelling so much.. what should I say.

Follower (In Bhojpuri): Now what should we say Ravi bhaiyya, we have been running around for Kanhaiyya bhaiyya day and night.

Ravi Kishan (Bhojpuri): So will you make me smell all the sweat. Stop recording the video.

The video ends when the MP tells the person to stop recording.

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BOOM was unable to confirm when and where the video was actually recorded.

Updated On: 2022-01-19T15:17:45+05:30
Claim :   MP Ravi Kishan ate food at a Dalits house out of compulsion... the sweat of Dalits smells bad.
Claimed By :  Social media handles
Fact Check :  False
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