Viral Image Does Not Show Muslims Converting To Hinduism In UP

BOOM found that the viral image has been on internet since 2016 and shows an incident that had nothing to do with religious conversion.

A picture showing a group of Muslim men standing around a person wearing saffron robes is viral on social media with misleading captions claiming that it shows Muslims converting to Hinduism.

BOOM found that the viral image is from 2016 and the claims with it are unrelated and false.

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On December 6, former Uttar Pradesh Waqf Board chairman Waseem Rizvi converted to Hinduism after renouncing Islam.

A report published in India Today stated that Rizvi had allegedly received threats to his life after he had filed a PIL in the Supreme Court seeking removal of some verses from the Quran. The report further mentioned that Rizvi had alleged that the said verses taught violence. Supreme Court had rejected his appeal. The image is viral in this backdrop.

In another incident in Muzzafarnagar, UP earlier in November this year, five Muslim families had reverted to Hinduism after accepting Islam 18 years ago. Read here.

A Facebook post shared the image with a Hindi caption which translates to 'After Waseem Rizvi did a homecoming to Sanatan dharma, Muslims are coming out of their fear. In UP, 34 Muslim families returned to the fold of Sanatan Hindu dharma'.

(Hindi: वसीम रिजवी जी के सनातन धर्म में घर वापसी के बाद मुस्लिमों का डर खुल रहा है,और वो स्वेच्छा से घर वापसी कर रहे है। यूपी में 34 मुस्लिम परिवारों ने कि सनातन हिन्दू धर्म में वापसी)

Click here to view the post.

Click here to view post.

The image is viral on Twitter with the same caption.

Fact Check

BOOM did a reverse image search on the image and found the same picture carried in a report published in Hindi daily Amar Ujala on September 24, 2016.

The Hindi headline with the article translates to 'Pakistan Murdabad Slogans Raised at Jama Masjid'.

(Hindi: जामा मस्जिद पर लगे पाकिस्तान मुर्दाबाद के नारे)

The report stated that members from the Muslim community in Mathura, UP had assembled at Shahi Jama Masjid to condemn Pakistan after the Uri attacks of September 18, 2016.

The Uri attacks at the Indian army Brigade headquarters in Jammu and Kashmir had resulted in the death of 19 soldiers.

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The report further stated that the people from the Muslim community had assembled at the Shahi Jama Masjid where Imam of the mosque Mohammad Umar Qadri and Mahamandaleshwar Naval Giri joined them in raising slogans of Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Hindustan Zindabad and Pakistan Murdabad.

A video from the same incident was uploaded on Amar Ujala's website on September 24, 2016 with a Hindi headline translating to 'People chant "Atankwaad Murdabad' at Vrindavan Jama Masjid'.

(Hindi: वृंदावन जामा मस्जिद पर लोगों ने लगाए 'आतंकवाद मुर्दाबाद' के नारे)

BOOM also found a Facebook post from September 24, 2016 sharing the same photo. The post had no caption though.

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Claim :   34 Muslims in Uttar Pradesh converted to Sanatan Hindu dharma
Claimed By :  Social media
Fact Check :  False
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