Video Of Milk Contamination From Pakistan Viral As India

BOOM found that the red tempo seen in the viral clip - Siwa cargo loader is a Pakistani company.

A video from Pakistan of a man putting his mouth to the opening of a milk container and also dipping his hand inside is viral with false claims that the incident of milk contamination is from India. BOOM found that the clues in the viral clip indicated that it is from Pakistan.

The viral clip is being shared with a communal spin claiming, "See what is going on, they are openly mixing water in it on the roads and it seems that they are also spitting in the milk container, now even the milkman, we will have to find a Sanatani"

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(In Hindi - देख लीजिए क्या चल रहा है, खुलेआम सड़कों पर #पानी मिलाते हैं और शायद लगता है दूध के #कंटेनर में यह #थूक भी रहे हैं, अब तो दूधवाला भी #सनातनी ढूंढना पड़ेगा... #थूक_जिहादी_शांतिदूत)

Viral on Facebook

On searching with the same caption on Facebook, we found that the clip is being shared with the false claim.

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BOOM found that the viral clip is not from India. We also found several older posts by Pakistani users sharing the same clip and also spotted that the tempo is manufactured by a Pakistani company.

On breaking the viral video into key-frames and using Google Images to run a reverse image search showed results that the same clip was previously posted by Pakistani social media users claiming that the incident had occurred in Lahore, Pakistan.

We found a tweet dated June 16, 2021, which had a longer version of the same viral clip - 1 minute 7 seconds. The caption when translated from Urdu reads, "Pure milk is being produced in Lahore. Note: The last second of the video is golden."

Additionally, we found other Facebook posts by Pakistani users with the same viral clip, which is also being shared on YouTube too in Urdu condemning the people for contaminating the milk.

Additionally, on observing the vehicle in the clip, we found that the manufacturer is a Pakistani company. The name of the manufacturer can be spotted in the viral clip - Siwa Cargo Loader"

On searching for Siwa cargo loader, we found that it is a Pakistani company that manufactures tempos, on comparing the vehicle with other Siwa cargo loaders as seen in the below clip, we found that both match.

BOOM could not independently verify the incident, however, we were able to establish that the viral clip is from Pakistan and not from India as being claimed.

Claim :   Clip from India showing two men contaminating milk containers
Claimed By :  Facebook Posts
Fact Check :  False
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