Driveway Brawl Viral As Ajay Devgn Thrashed By Farmers' Supporters

BOOM reached out to Rajeev Ranjan, DCP (Airport, Delhi) who confirmed that the incident was a driveway brawl and the main accused were identified

A video of a driveway brawl in Delhi's Aerocity area has surfaced with a bizarre narrative that identifies one of the men seen in the clip as actor Ajay Devgn; the claims further suggest that the actor was attacked in Delhi by protesting farmers for supporting the farm laws.

The video shows an ugly clash between two groups, as people rough each other up. BOOM reached out to Rajeev Ranjan, deputy commissioner of police, Indira Gandhi International Airport, who confirmed that the incident was a parking brawl and the two main accused, Navin Shokeen and Taranjeet Kumar, had been arrested.

The video is doing the rounds on Facebook with a caption, "Breaking : Ajay Devgan ke saath maarpit hui Delhi main."

Click here for an archive of the video.

The clip is viral on Twitter with a similar narrative. Click here and here for archives of the tweets.

BOOM also received the video on its tipline for verification. The video doing the rounds on WhatsApp has been captioned as, "See, Ajay Devgn has been beaten up for real in Delhi. He was on his way to prove that the farmers are villains, but it boomeranged and he was proven a villain himself in real life. He was beaten up black and blue in Delhi. When a sardar had raised slogans in front of his car in Mumbai, he had gotten him arrested. But he had to face the page 3 crowd in Delhi. Now let's see if he can send these guys to jail."

(Original text in Hindi: लीजिये, अजय देवगन की तो दिल्ली में सच्ची वाली पिटाई हो गई.. चले थे किसानों को खलनायक साबित करने लेकिन खुद असल ज़िंदगी में खलनायक साबित हो गए और दिल्ली में जमकर कुटाई हो गई रियल लाइफ में.. मुम्बई में एक सरदार ने इनकी कार के आगे नारे लगाए तो इस खलनायक ने उसे हवालात की सैर करवा दी लेकिन दिल्ली में इसका पाला पेज 3 वालों से पड़ा है.. अब देखते हैं कि इसकी गाफ़ में कितना गू है जो इसके कान पर दे थप्पड़ दे थप्पड़ लगाने वालों को भी जेल भिजवा पायेगा क्या.?)

The caption refers to an incident which occurred earlier in March, when a farmers' protest supporter had stopped the actor's car in Mumbai's Goregaon for the former's tweet against the international support of the protests.

Fact Check

We ran a relevant keyword search and found a news bulletin by India Today, that was uploaded on March 27, containing the same visuals as shown in the viral video.

According to the bulletin, "An ugly clash was reported between two groups in Delhi's Aerocity after a road rage incident. The Delhi Police has started investigating the matter and could be an afterparty fall out." According to the India Today reporter, Himanshu Mishra, the incident happened after two cars touched each other because of rash driving. This escalated and two parties started landing blows at each other .

BOOM reached out to Rajeev Ranjan, deputy commissioner of police, Indira Gandhi International Airport, who corroborated the same and further added that the main accused of the two parties had been identified as Navin Kumar Shokeen and Taranjeet Singh. Ranjan told BOOM, "I have seen the video and the fake narrative viral with it. The person in white shirt is obviously not Ajay Devgn. He has been identified as Navin Shokeen, a real estate dealer. Both Shokeen and Taranjeet Singh, a car dealer, have been arrested. Further investigation is on."

Ranjan further added, "The two led the groups involved in the clashes which started after their cars touched each other in the driveway" arrested.

An excerpt from an Indian Express report reads, "A senior police officer said they received a call around 2.06 am about the fight at Worldmark I in Aerocity. "We went to the spot and found that a few people had gathered outside the mall. The caller wasn't at the spot and soon everyone dispersed. During the enquiry, we found that a Mercedes, belonging to Kumar hit Singh's car lightly, after which they got into a heated argument," said the officer.

Later on March 29, Ajay Devgn in a tweet also clarified that he has not traveled anywhere.

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