Viral Message Misleadingly Claims COVID-19 Vaccine Is Futile

The message questions the necessity of vaccines after stating that the COVID-19 vaccines have no impact

A text message questioning the need of COVID-19 vaccines is viral on all social media platforms and it misleadingly claims that the vaccines have no impact on coronavirus and thus should be avoided.

Shared globally, this message adds to the existing vaccine hesitancy and aims to deter people from accepting the COVID-19 vaccines. It raises questions on the impact of the COVID-19 vaccines if they do not assist in stopping the transmission of the virus along with asking the exact use and importance of the vaccine.

The message which is a long list of questions followed by statements reads," If I get vaccinated:1.- Can I stop wearing the mask?

- No

2.- Can they reopen restaurants etc and everyone work normally?

- No

3.- Will I be resistant to covid?

- Maybe, but we don't know exactly, it probably won't stop you getting it

4.- At least I won't be contagious to others anymore?

- no you can still pass it on, possibly, nobody knows.

5.- If we vaccinate all children, will school resume normally?

- No

6.- If I am vaccinated, can I stop social distancing?

- No

7.- If I am vaccinated, can I stop disinfecting my hands?

- No

8.- If I vaccinate myself and my grandfather, can we hug each other?

- No

9.- Will cinemas, theatres and stadiums be reopened thanks to vaccines?

- No

10.- Will the vaccinated be able to gather?

- No

11.- What is the real benefit of vaccination?

- The virus won't kill you.

12.- Are you sure it won't kill me?

- No

13.- If statistically the virus didn't kill me anyway ... Why would I get vaccinated?"

- To protect others.

14.- So if I get vaccinated, the others are 100% sure I'm not infecting them?

- No

So the shot does not give immunity.

Does not eliminate the virus.

Does not prevent death.

Does not guarantee you won't get it.

Does not prevent you from getting it.

Does not stop you passing it on

Does not eliminate the need for travel bans.

Does not eliminate the need for business closures.

Does not eliminate the need for lockdowns.

Does not eliminate the need for masking.

So...what the hell is the Vaccine actually doing?"

BOOM received the message on its WhatsApp helpline requesting us to verify the authenticity of the message.

The same message is also viral on Facebook.

Fact Check

While the first part of the message suggesting that precautions have to be followed despite of receiving the vaccine is true, the second part of the same message is not fully factually accurate

The first claim that the vaccines do not provide immunity against COVID-19 is incorrect. Both Covishield and Covaxin, the two vaccines that have been approved in India have published data which shows that both the vaccines produce an immunogenic response against coronavirus. The body elicits an immune response and creates antibodies after receiving two doses of each vaccine.

The second claim states that the vaccine does not eliminate the virus. This claim goes against the science of vaccines. Vaccines are not supposed to eliminate a virus, but just help the body to fight the virus.

Vaccines reduce the risk of infection and thus reduce the risk of death due to COVID-19. The third claim that vaccines do not reduce death is thus false.

While all the other claims of vaccine not preventing one from getting COVID, not stop its transmission, not eliminating travel bans, business closures, lockdowns, and masking are correct, they have been given a misleading context in the viral message.

The role of vaccines is to reduce the impact of the virus as well as help in developing herd immunity to break the chain of transmission. Along with the vaccine, several other precautionary measures of social distancing, masking, avoiding travelling are other measures that assist in curbing the spread of the virus.

The viral message though raising some correct points, over all, discourages the use of the vaccine. Factually, vaccines are the fastest way to achieve herd immunity which in turn slows down the transmission of this virus. According to the World Health Organization, herd immunity can be achieved if 50-70% of the population is vaccinated against the virus.

Claim :   COVID-19 vaccine do not eliminate the virus or stop the virus from transmitting
Claimed By :  Social media
Fact Check :  Misleading
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