Electioneering: Sublime To Dirty!

Yes, that's the way it has gone in Elections 2014. Donkeys, monkeys, DNA tests - this is the level of the political discourse today. So, has election campaigning gone from the sublime to the ridiculous?

BoomNews's show #TheIndiaHangout gets Govindraj Ethiraj along with Ayaz Memon to discuss the issue with public relations consultant Dilip Cherian and senior journalist Ranjona Banerji.

And this is what Banerji had to say: "We started with corruption, then we went to development, and now we are down to little fissures of Indian society; it is like watching WWE."

Memon feels the campaigning is also saying something about ourselves "because we are lapping it up. Reason has been a big casuality, theatrics has been a big gainer." .

Cherian says that once the level of discourse descends to a low level, it climbs back only marginally.

The way out, according to Cherian, would be a push back from Gen Now. And Memon feels selective coverage by media could be the second part of the solution.

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