Disturbing Video Of Woman Torturing Twins In Saudi Arabia Revived In India

BOOM found that the incident is from Saudi Arabia and the video was recorded by the mother of the children being tortured.


Video of a woman beating her minor children shared as, "इस को इतना शेयर करो कि यह पकडा जाय यह विडियो रूकना नही चाहिए ह आप को अपनी मां की कसम ह" BOOM has decided not to include the video.


A disturbing video from 2018 of a woman brutally assaulting her two minor children in Saudi Arabia is being shared in India. The video, a series of clips, shows two toddlers being repeatedly hit on the face and on the head by the woman, who is not seen in the video. The clip also shows one of the babies deliberately dropped from a height causing the child to bleed. BOOM found that the video is from Saudi Arabia and was recorded by the woman torturing the babies who incidentally is also their mother. A story by Gulf news Somalian reported that the woman and her husband, a Yemeni, had separated and she recorded the video to send to her father-in-law demanding money. The same video was viral in 2018 with claims that it is recent. News reports stated that the Saudi Arabian government had rescued the children.

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