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Defence Pensions: How Much Can India Afford?

Defence Pensions: How Much Can India Afford?

On #IndiaHangOut, our panel of experts discuss if India can afford the One Rank, One Pension scheme.


The OROP scheme, if implemented, will mean that every soldier who retires in the same rank gets the same pension, irrespective of his date of retirement. Currently, all pre-2006 pensioners receive lesser pension than not only their counterparts but also their juniors.


The panel in this discussion included Cmdr (Retd) C Uday Bhaskar, Defence Expert, Lt Gen (retd) Kamal Davar, Defence Security Expert and Mandeep BajwaDefence Analyst.


“Numbers don’t matter when it comes to the safety, security of the country and the welfare of the people who are guarding and ensuring your security. Economic resurgence of India is not possible without adequate security of the country, which the Armed Forces are committed to,” said Davar, in defence of OROP.


Speaking about other defence needs as compared to defence pensions, Bhaskar said, “Those are two completely different issues – one is combat readiness, while the other is a welfare issue that is the responsibility of the government.” The panel agreed that astute financial management from the government is the need of the hour for the implementation of the OROP scheme.

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