Dedh Minute Review: Brothers

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This week film critic reviews Karan Malhotra's Brothers in 90 seconds. Watch the video to find out his verdict.

Director Karan Malhotra could not have picked a better film than Warrior to remake. Two estranged brothers pitted against each other in a fighting competition is the perfect recipe for an action drama, or like Malhotra likes his films to be, action melodrama.

But melodrama also needs some smartness. Malhotra gave a novel, updated treatment to Agneepath earlier. But while Agneepath was an updated version, Brothers is an outdated version.

In Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra and Jackie Shroff, the film gets the perfect cast. Akshay is the only actor who can pull off a middle-aged wrestler with conviction, and he’s the best thing about the film.

Jackie hams in parts, but I liked him in his older avatar. Sidharth plays the silent, brooding types, repeating his Ek Villain act. Funnily, old time actor Kiran Kumar gets more lines than Sidharth. Kumar’s casting is a nice little hat-tip to 90s Hindi cinema. But there’s a difference between paying tribute to the 90s, and making a film which looks like it’s from the 90s.

And who the hell writes dialogues like “Yeh Hitler ke desh se hai”, unless your target audience is a bunch of Nazi loyalists. Then there’s Raj Zutshi, so boisterous and annoying as a commentator, he puts even Navjot Singh Sidhu to shame.

Watching half-naked men beat the crap out of each other, and a half-naked Kareena Kapoor gyrate in the sleaziest manner possible is not my idea of fun. My rating’s a 2 on 5. Sorry brother, jami nahi.

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