Can Diabetes Be Cured By Drinking A Mixture Of Wheat Barley And Kalonji Seeds?

Whatsapp forward suggests false remedy for Diabetes
Cereals help in curing diabetes

A viral Whatsapp message stating that a certain concoction made from wheat, barley, and kalonji (nigella seeds) will solve problems of diabetics is misleading.

The message is attributed to a couple of doctors- Dr. Tina Simmons and Dr. Tony Almeida.

The message states that the drink when consumed for two weeks will assist diabetics to stop using insulin and blood sugar controlling drugs.

The message has been in circulation for many years and is incorrectly attributed to the doctors. BOOM received the message on its Whatsapp helpline (+7700906111)

BOOM contacted Dr. Tony Almeida who denied making such a statement.

"I haven't made this statement and my name has been linked for the longest time".

BOOM also tried searching for Dr. Anita Simons. The web results showed a medical writer based in the United States of America and not any MD in Paediatrics.

BOOM contacted Dr. Phulrenu Chauhan, endocrinologist at Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai to understand whether such a remedy exists.

"This is false. There is no evidence which shows that such grains or cereals cure diabetes."

BOOM even contacted Dr. Nitin Kochar, leading Ayurvedic medicine practitioner from Mumbai to understand the perspective of naturopathy practitioners regarding diabetes and this mixture.

"This is not true. Such a concoction without regular changes will not lead to any changes. People classify any sort of natural treatment as Ayurveda and malign Ayurveda."


Diabetes is the increase in blood sugar levels and the inability of the pancreas to produce enough insulin. Insulin keeps a check on the blood sugar levels and converts sugars in carbohydrates to glucose for energy storage.

There are many tips and tricks on the Internet for controlling Diabetes. BOOM asked Dr. Chauhan about the most appropriate methods.

"Exercise, checking blood sugar levels and consulting a doctor for any medication are the best ways to go about with diabetes."

Currently, India has 50.9 million people suffering from diabetes which could go upto 80 million in 2025, according to the World Health Organisation.

Claim Review :  Drinking cereal and grain water cures diabetes
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