Scripted Video Showing Man Stealing Scooter Shared With Communal Claims

The video has been dramatised, and is not a real CCTV footage, as viral messages falsely claim.

Sk Badiruddin
Update: 2022-01-16 12:37 GMT

A video is viral on social media, showing a man stealing the scooter of a woman after offering to help fix it, with the claim that the seen boy stealing the woman's scooter in the video is Muslim.

BOOM found this claim to be false; our investigation revealed that the events shown in the video have been scripted and dramatised, and does not portray a real life incident.

The video was uploaded on the verified Facebook page of Sanjjanaa Galrani, who frequently posts scripted videos for 'education and awareness purposes'. However, despite providing disclaimers, Galrani's videos have gone viral in several instances in the past with false communal claims.

The 2:20 minute long video is shot as a CCTV footage. It shows a youth blocking the exhaust of the pipe of a scooter of a woman while she her attention is away. Later, when the woman has trouble starting the scooter, he offers to help. The woman then goes on to speak on the telephone, when the man removes the blockage on the exhaust, and rides away with it.

The video has been shared with a caption in Hindi that reads, "Watch how a Muslim's son take away a girl's Activa. Captured on CCTV camera."

(Original text in Hindi: देखिए मुल्ले का एक लड़का कैसे एक लड़की की एक्टिवा को उड़ा कर ले गया। CCTV कैमरे में हुआ कैद।)

This video has been shared by many Twitter users with similar claims.

 Click here and here to watch the video.

One such tweet is archived here.

Fact Check

The viral video itself gave away a major clue for our fact-check. At the 2:13 seconds time stamp it shows a disclaimer saying, "Thank you for watching! Please be aware that this page features scripted dramas and parodies as well. These short films are for educational purposes only!"
BOOM found the background audio, interface, and format of the video to be similar to a few others that we have fact-checked before. Verified Facebook page "Sanjjanaa Galrani" had in the past shared such scripted videos with very similar format, which have gone viral with false claims. Read two such fact-checks by us here and here.
Looking through the videos posted by Galrani's Facebook page, we found the viral video posted by the page on December 23, 2021. The caption of the video contained a disclaimer stating that the video has been scripted. It read,
"Thank you for watching! Please be aware that this page features scripted dramas and parodies as well. These short films are for entertainment & educational purposes only!"

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Claim :  Video shows Muslim boy steal Hindu girls Activa scooty
Claimed By :  Twitter Users
Fact Check :  False
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