Young And Free? But You Still Need Health Insurance

On Money Makeover, Gaurav Mashruwala, financial advisor and columnist, answers yet another important question: why do youngsters need health insurance?

Mashruwala meets a 24-year-old college student, Krupa from Mumbai at one of Mumbai’s hospital lounges. He strikes a conversation with her to know who’s next on the doctor’s appointment list, but instead finds out that she isn't bothered about health insurance.

When asked about her concerns regarding her mother’s illness, Krupa replies, “I am so young. Why do I need a health insurance?”

Mashruwala points out that when someone falls sick, money should not become a cause of concern for the the rest of the family. He says, “Whenever someone falls ill in the family, money should be the last thing that you should be worried about. Instead, you should be taking care of the family. For that, you need to have yourself covered health-wise, no matter how young or old you are.”

He also lists down easy steps which can help everyone decide how to pick the best health insurance plan.

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