With Facilities Like Digital Wallets, You Need Foolproof Security: Ram Dor

Even as we get news of data breaches of lakhs of debit cards in India, Cyber Security expert Ram Dor expands on the threats that come with a digitally connected life like digital wallets, net-banking and the launch of #DigitalIndia.

[video type='youtube' id='Qo3YfNqXluU' height='365']

Ram Dor explains that sectors under constant threat by the attackers, are the digital space as it has no boundary or limits for attackers. They can attack everywhere which affects government and civilians. However, the most targeted or vulnerable fields are financial institutions as the attackers benefit financially too.

He enlarges to include the Digital India programme and says, "With the idea to go digital, you also need to plan for a security infrastructure to protect it."

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