Will Not Pay A Single Peso For Trump’s Border Wall: Mexican Senator

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US President Donald Trump may have made it to the White House on immigration reforms and balancing trade with neigbouring Mexico by re-negotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement. But Mexico says they are not worried. Speaking to BOOM’s Jency Jacob at The Growth Net Summit, Manuel Cavazos Lerma, Senator and economist from the Institutional Revolutionary Party has ruled out any re-negotiation of the NAFTA.


Lerma said that his country has figured out how to deal with Trump’s unreasonable demands and if the U.S. has problems with Mexican immigrants, then how about regulating trafficking of weapons from U.S. to Mexico drug cartels through the borders. Lerma also ruled out the possibility of Mexico paying for the wall that Trump proposes to build on the borders between the two countries.


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  • SVargh

    The Mexican Senator says “his country has figured out how to deal with Trump’s unreasonable demands”.

    Mexico has not figured out in the last two decades how to combat their own drug mafia. Mexico does not know how to grow employment in Mexico. Mexico does not know how to establish rule of the law, how to raise the standard of living for their citizens.

    They have not not figured out anything except “how to deal with Trump”. WOW!! Such a great thing to figure out.

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