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What Does Affirmative Action Mean For You?

What Does Affirmative Action Mean For You?

On #IndiaHangOut Concepts, our panel of experts discuss what affirmative action means and how it differs from reservations. Is there an Indian model to equality that can be implemented?


The panel included Prof. Kamal Mitra Chenoy, JNU  & Hasan Kamal, Columnist & Founder, SPRAT along with Govindraj Ethiraj.


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Hamid Ansari, the Vice-President of India, at the of the All India Majlis-E- Mushawarat Golden Jubilee in New Delhi on August 31, 2015 drew attention to the Sachar Committee report, which documented the marginality of the Muslims to political, economic and social structures in the country and concluded that their condition was worse than the Scheduled Castes.


He said, “The official objective of sab ka sath sab ke vikas is commendable; a pre-requisite for this is affirmative action (where necessary) to ensure a common starting point and an ability in all to walk at the required pace. This ability has to be developed through individual, social and governmental initiatives that fructify on the ground. Programmes have been made in abundance; the need of the hour is their implementation.”

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