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Was A Man Stabbed For Raping A Minor In Uttar Pradesh? A FactCheck

Was A Man Stabbed For Raping A Minor In Uttar Pradesh? A FactCheck

BOOM found that the video is from Hyderabad, where a man was stabbed by his wife’s parents for eloping with her.

A disturbing video of a youngster in Hyderabad being stabbed by his wife’s parents is viral on Facebook with a false claim that a Hindu avenged the rape of an eight-year-old in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh.

The 30-second video which documents a brutal attack on a man in broad daylight on a busy road, has been shared on multiple Facebook pages with the caption in Hindi that translates to, “This Hindu tiger cut open a swine who raped an eight year old girl in Barabanki in the middle of the road, with a knife. #Long_Live_Hindu_Tiger. ”

Hindi Post : बाराबंकी में 8 साल की बच्ची से रेप करने वाले सूअर को एक हिंदू शेर ने बीच सड़क पर ही चाकू से पूरा शरीर काट दिया…#जियो_हिन्दू_शेर

The 30 second long clip is viral on Facebook

Here is an archive of the video.

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Fact Check

BOOM was able to ascertain that this video is from an incident that happened in Hyderabad last week and not from Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh. A 23-year-old man was attacked by his in-laws on a busy SR Nagar Road, Hyderabad, on June 7.

A longer footage from the same incident, shot from a different angle, was shared by a correspondent of The Hindu on Twitter.

BOOM observed that the colour of the shirts worn by the victim and the assailant in the original video matches to the clip that has been shared on Facebook with false claims.

The colour of the shirt of the assailant is same in both the videos

Furthermore, an auto rickshaw drives past the attack at .3 second mark in the video circulating on Facebook. A similar looking rickshaw can be spotted at 55 second mark in the longer clip of the video.  

An auto rickshaw passes by in both the videos

The incident was widely covered by news outlets. The News Minute reported that the victim who hails from Hyderabad was identified as Imtiaz. Imtiaz eloped with a woman Fatima on June 5 and got married aganst Fatima’s parents wishes on June 6. The report further says, “They manage to pull him out and even as hundreds of people on the road watched with horror, the accused stabbed Imtiaz repeatedly with a butcher’s knife, till he collapsed in the middle of the road, bleeding.”

Reports on the incident can be accessed here and here.

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Claim Review : Video of a Hindu Man stabbing a rapist in Barabanki

Fact Check : FALSE


Swasti Chatterjee is a fact-checker and the Deputy News Editor of Boom's Bangla team. She has worked in the mainstream media, in the capacity of a reporter and copy editor with The Times of India, The Indian Express and and is now working as a digital detective, debunking fake news.

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