VPNs - Here Is How You Can Access Blocked Websites

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The Indian government's blocking of porn sites might have deterred a few but for the tech-savy there is always an alternate way to circumvent the ban. VPNs - Virtual Private Networks are just one of the ways in which you can access a blocked website and we explain how it works.

Users are by-passing servers in India, which has blocked more than 800 porn sites, by making use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) or proxy servers.

Some VPNs allow 200 MB of data to be browsed using their service, enough to watch a few porn clips or a short movie. However, to use VPN service seamlessly, the user should subscribe to the premium service of the VPN, and this would cost some money.

While applications such as Tunnel Bear provide VPN access allowing users to connect to servers from other countries on desktop, VPN Master and others allow assess to restricted sites on android phones.

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