Viral WhatsApp Forward On Churches Being Burnt Is Fake

A viral message warns that there is a plan to burn down 200 churches and kill 200 missionaries within 24 hours.


20 churches were burnt down last night and tonight they want to destroy more than 200 churches in "Olisabang province". They want to kill 200 missionaries within the next 24 hours. All Christians are hiding in villages. Pray for them and send this message to all Christians you know worldwide. Ask God to have mercy on our brothers and sisters in India. "When you receive this message, please urgently send it to other people. Please pray for the 22 Christian Missionary families sentenced to be executed. Please pass this as fast as u can so that many will pray!!! With love, Joyce Meyer.


This message is fake as there is no province named "Olisabang province" in India. Additionally BOOM did not find any media reports of 20 churches being burnt and 22 Christian missionary families sentenced to be executed. A simple Google search of the WhatsApp message throws up a 2010 fact check article by Snopes debunking a simiar message with the claim that Buddhist Extremists in India were burning Churches. BOOM contacted Evangelist Joyce Meyer, whose name has been cited in the message, and her team deined that the message is from Meyer.

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