Video Showing Printing Of Fake 50-Rupee And 200-Rupee Notes Surfaces

Read about the video showing printing of 50 and 200 rupee notes.

A video showing the printing of the new 50 and the new 200 rupee notes emerged on social media on Saturday. The video shows a man assembling bundles of 50 rupee notes. As the person recording the video pans the phone we see printing machines and more stacks of 200 and 50 rupee notes. However, a closer look shows that the notes are fake with the words 'Bharatiya Children Bank' printed on them.

The notes are also larger than legal tender printed by the Reserve Bank of India.

It is not clear from where this video has originated. However, a male voice speaking in Marathi can be heard.

Gaurav Pandhi, a supporter of the Congress party, shared the video on Twitter tagging Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

When BOOM pointed out that the notes were fake Pandhi tweeted again mentioning 'Children Bank'.


In Feb 2017, news reports of an SBI ATM in Sangam Vihar, New Delhi dispensing fake 2000-rupee notes with 'Children Bank of India' emerged. Read the Hindu's story here.

"Bharatiya Reserve Bank had been replaced by “Bharatiya Manoranjan Bank” on the notes, and “Children Bank” had become the guarantor instead of the Central government. The RBI seal was missing from the notes as were the leaf markings," the Hindu had reported.

However, it was reported that the police found the counterfeit notes had very few similarities with genuine currency barring the colour.

It is not clear whether the video of 50 and 200-rupee notes is connected with the incident in Delhi.

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