Video Of Huge Tidal Waves In Muscat Passed Off As Mumbai's Marine Drive

BOOM found that the set of videos are originally from Oman's Muscat, where cyclone Kyarr ran havoc, earlier this week

A set of four videos of waves hitting the coast of Muttrah in Oman is viral on social media with false claims that it is an incident that occurred in Mumbai’s 'Marine Lines', earlier this week.

The videos show giant waves hitting the road adjacent to the Muscat beach, as passersby run for shelter. The waves eventually flood the streets. The videos have been captioned as, "Last night, marine lines. Mumbai."

The set of videos was also sent to BOOM’s helpline number for verification.

The videos can be viewed below.

The same footage is viral on social media with a similar false narrative.

Fact Check

BOOM was able to ascertain that the video is not from Mumbai as structures from the area did not match with Mumbai’s Marine Drive area. Furthermore, in one of the videos, the beach road has been identified as Al Bahri Road, which is in Muscat, Oman.

Map of Muscat's Al Bahri Road

We also found dome like structures erected on the beach road of Al-Bahri, that matched with the ones present in the videos. The area is also known as Muttrah Corniche, a shore jutting out to the sea, and an ideal location for taking pictures by tourists.

We then looked up with relevant keywords and found that the same videos were uploaded on social media last week by Oman news portals, as footage of cyclone Kyarr, that hit the east coastal towns of UAE and Oman.

Multiple areas of Oman were submerged after heavy rains lashed out in the cities as cyclone Kyarr intensified in the area.

Claim Review :   Last night, marine lines. Mumbai
Fact Check :  FALSE
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