UP Elections Trail: Will Ganga Singh Of BJP Retain His Assembly Seat In Fazilnagar?

Ganga Singh of BJP contests again from Fazilnagar constituency in the hopes of retaining his assembly seat.

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Fazilnagar is a part of the Kushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh. The constituency number is 332. In the previous election, Ganga Singh Kushwaha from BJP was elected to power. This year also he is contesting with the hopes to win based on the work he has done.

MLA: Ganga Singh Kushwaha (BJP)

Education: Post Graduate from Gorakhpur University in 1959

Key rival candidates: Jagdish Singh (BSP) and Vishwnath (SP)

MLA Claim:

Funds have been utilized for constructing roads and electrification in Fazilnagar. He has also provided financial assistance of Rs 88 lakh to the needy for medical treatment.

Voters Speak:

The main issues are lack of road, electricity and water. There are complaints of electricity being available only for 3-4 hours in a day. The constituency does not have a bank for traders.

Due to lack of technical institutes, children are forced to go to Lucknow for higher education. There is high corruption in the education sector.

Health service is extremely poor in the constituency.

The roads of Kushinagar district is bad, but it is worse in Fazilnagar.

The government is not concerned of farmers and are deprived of facilities.

Election Date: 04/03/17

Result Date: 11/03/17

Phase: Phase-6

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