UK 2015 general election campaigning begins

UK goes to polls in six weeks. As election campaigning begins in full swing, here are the leaders of the top political parties promising to be there for the voter. The video is courtesy Sky news.

UK’s election campaigning officially began on March 30, with the Labour and Conservative party launching their campaigns on promises to revive the economy and a referendum on continuing to be a part of the European Union.

The Labour party is headed by Ed Miliband while the Conservatives will be headed by incumbent Prime Minister David Cameron. Liberal Democrats retain Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg as party chief and Nigel Farage heads the UK Independent Party (Ukip).

The 2015 General Elections will take place on May 7, and polls across the country predict that the 2015 elections will probably be the tightest elections in decades with the two-main parties likely to garner an equal number of votes. Most projections put the Conservatives well short of the 326 seats they would need to form a majority government, and the Liberal Democrats are unlikely to be left with enough MPs to make up the shortfall. The Labour party is projected to win 300-odd seats and extreme right-wing party Ukip might win one seat.

As things stand, a hung parliament is the most likely outcome, with Labour the biggest party, looking for support from either the Lib Dems, while the Conservatives return as Opposition.

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