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Top Paying Career Options In India

Top Paying Career Options In India


Curious about which job makes the most money in the Indian market? Boom News has compiled a list of top ten best paying jobs in India. So, the next time you hunt for a job, make sure you keep these options on your priority list.  



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If you are willing to let your ambition soar, sky is the limit. And that is literally true for pilots. Among all aviation-related jobs, a pilot’s job is considered the most important. The demand for pilots has been on the rise in the last few years and so is the salary. The route to the cockpit starts with being a first officer and elevating to the rank of a commander. The first officer starts with a salary range between Rs. 15 lakh and Rs. 25 lakh per year. A commander with an experience of 5 years and above can earn up to Rs.72 lakh per year.


Management Consultant  


While management schools are mushrooming all over the country, it is only the selected few graduates from top B-schools who enjoy the benefits of a high paying job. While a fresh graduate from a regular college can earn between Rs. 2.5-4 lakh, a pass-out from IIMs, XLRI or FMS can earn up to Rs. 12 lakh per annum. These management graduates with experience of 5-8 years can earn anywhere from Rs. 15 lakh to up Rs. 30 lakh. Financial services and management companies are the top recruiters for these talents.


Investment Banker  


The average pay of an associate investment banker is Rs. 7 lakh per annum. The career of an investment banker starts as an analyst and goes on to a director or a managing director. He/she can be paid anywhere between Rs 30-40 lakh per year.


Chartered Accountant


From financial accountancy to tax management to auditing and banking and consultancy, a chartered accountant can play many roles. To be a chartered accountant, one must be a certified member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). A fresh CA can earn between Rs 5-7 lakh. With the increase in experience, a CA can earn up to Rs. 24 lakh per annum within the next five years.


IT professional


If you are a fresh pass-out with a software degree, you are likely to start anywhere between Rs. 1.5-2.5 lakh per year. The figure increases with experience, and an IT engineer with experience of over five years is expected to get anywhere between Rs. 6-10 lakh. If one becomes a project leader, he or she could be earning anywhere between Rs. 8-9 lakh.


Petroleum Engineer


At the entry level, one can expect a salary between Rs. 3-6 lakh. In India, there are a lot of jobs in PSUs like ONGC, IOC, Bharat Petroleum etc. A lot of private sector companies like BG, Reliance and Shell also offer jobs in the sector. Those with around ten years of experience can earn about Rs. 20-25 lakh per annum.




The salary of a general practitioner begins at about Rs. 3 lakh per annum during internship. After gaining some years of experience, a general practitioner can expect between Rs. 7-10 lakh.   Despite the Indian job market remaining stagnant for the last two years due to the global economic slowdown, there are signs of recovery, especially for middle and senior level professionals as they are in demand across most industries. And this is true for both Indian conglomerates that are increasingly looking at expanding their businesses internationally as well as multinationals who now want their India operations to be in line with international businesses. While  there is growth across all sectors, particularly strong growth has been seen within operations and finance in the financial services sector. Over the coming months, there could also be strong demand for retail professionals with foreign direct investment likely to be allowed soon by the newly-elected BJP Government.



Profession Fresher/  per annum Experience: 5-10 years/ per annum
IT professional 1.5-2.5 8-10
Chartered Accountant 5-7 24
Management Consultant 4-12 15 -30
Investment Banker 7+ 30-40
Petroleum Engineer 3-6 20-25
Pilots 15-25 72
Medical Career 3+ 7-10


(Figures in Rs. lakh;  The above salary bracket is for an individual residing in various Indian metros. Source:

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