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Top 10 Android Apps For October

Top 10 Android Apps For October




Here’s a look at some of the latest must-have Android apps. Karan Binani from Mobiscrub tells you what’s hot on the Google Play Store and why.




Condi is an automation app, but unlike Tasker, it’s extremely easy to use. Make your device perform common tasks based on time, location or other triggers, without having to read through guides.You can put multiple conditions for these tasks. Condi also allows you to import tasks online. Some examples of tasks that you can set – play music palying when you plug the headphones in; turn screen brightness to maximum as soon as you step out in the sun.


Download Condi:


LAS – Last App Switcher


If you are one of those people who’s always texting on WhatsApp, this app is ideal for you. It helps you switch back and forth between multiple apps, taking you to the last app you used and minimizing the use of the return key.


Download LAS:




Mix is yet another photo-editing app. It has a plenty of filters that you can apply to your filters. The “mix” option in the app then allows you to adjust everything from the texture to the aperture. But what makes this app special is an option called “Save Formula” that lets you save these custom settings for future use.
Download MIX:


Amazing Brick


This is a super addictive game. You have been forewarned, download this game and you will probably spend hours trying to manoeuver the diamond-shaped block through gaps in the bricks. As you make your up, the game gets tougher and your score builds up. It’s available for free on the app store.
Download Amazing Brick:




Duet is a brilliant game and is probably one of the best ones to come out in recent times. The game features a yin-yang ring that you move in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction to avoid incoming obstacles. The game has beautiful music, minimal graphics and a super intuitive gameplay experience. The sound effects are so good, they keep you enthralled. If you want to complete all available levels in the game, you can purchase it to get the complete version.


Download Duet:




Fragment gives you the power to transform any image into unique prismatic art. It gives a very different artistic bend to your images. The app is fun to use because you never know what’s going to come out. You can manipulate the image in a multiple ways – change colour, tint and saturation. Fragment is available for $2 on the Play store.


Download Fragment:




For all those people that just cannot wake up in the morning, Spin Me is the alarm app for you. When the alarm goes off, you need to wake up, stand on your two feet and spin twice to stop the alarm. There are various alarms that you can choose from in this app. Think you can cheat and simply spin the device while still in bed? Try and see for yourself! If SpinMe doesn’t wake you up, then we don’t know what will.
Download Spin Me:




If you are on Twitter, Facebook or any other website and want to click on a link without leaving the app, Tap Path is the app you should install. A single tap takes you to Flynx, a floating browser. A double tap will open the link in Google chrome. A triple tap lets you share the link wherever you want. You can alter the tap settings according to your use. It is available for $1 on the app store.
Download TapPath:


URL Shortener (


URL Shortener trims down any link to a smaller url so that it’s easier to share. This app also provides analytics for your shortened links. You can track the number of clicks, the time of the clicks and see where the link was shared. You can also create colorful QR codes using your Android smartphone and share them with your friends.
Download URL Shortener:


Blur – A Launcher Replacement


Blur is a custom Android launcher designed by Klinker Apps Inc. to bring you the most innovative experience on Android. With Blur, any developer can go in and create a “Page” for their app that can be displayed right on your homescreen. The Page Picker lets you decide what these pages should be. The launcher has a lot of pre-built gestures which you can customize.
Download blur:




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