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Top 10 Android Apps For November

Top 10 Android Apps For November

In November’s list of Top 10 Android Apps, Karan Binani from Mobiscrub, focuses on material design. Material design is a new design language by Google with a unified system of visual, motion, and interaction design that adapts across different devices. You don’t need the Lollipop OS to download these apps. Watch the video and experience material design aesthetics on your current phone.


Finger Gesture Launcher


Finger is a gesture-based app which responds very well to anything you write. It allows you to launch any app or shortcut with just a simple gesture drawn using your finger. There are plenty of gesture-based launchers on the Play Store but this one features material design. Add any app that you want using the “+” option and then assign a shape or letter to it.

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Suggest Movie


Suggest Movie provides you with movie recommendations on your Android phone based on genre and IMDB rating. It has a hint of material design to it. You can also receive recommendations based on release date and read the suggested movies’ reviews to decide whether to watch it.






If the bright light of your phone’s screen hurts your eyes in the dark, then Darker is the app you need. This app reduces the screen brightness and can dim it beyond the device minimum. It can also add a tint to your phone’s screen which enables you to read without straining you eyes in the dark.






Inbox is a fresh new approach to e-mail by Google which features material design at its best. It allows you to set reminders for e-mails and tasks. Composing an e-mail is just a double tap away using Inbox.




Material Wallpapers


Material Wallpapers has over 70 HD wallpapers which give your phone the feel and flavour of material design. Give your smartphone’s home screen and lock screen a complete new look using this app.






Notes is the most minimalistic note-taking experience delivered in material design. You can add tags to your notes and search for them easily. The app also features a password setting to secure your notes.






Trello is a brilliant organizer utilizing material design. It is simple to use and infinitely flexible. It is a collaborated whiteboard which features various cards and lists. You can also add other people to a certain board and work together on projects. The biggest advantage of Trello is that everything you do is synced and saved instantly to the cloud, so all your devices are immediately updated.






Today is a streamlined, modern calendar app for Android. Despite being derived from the same stock Android calendar as the majority of alternative calendars on the Play Store, Today Calendar sets itself apart from the competition by being the only one to combine high functionality with truly beautiful aesthetics. This is another app that makes the best use possible of material design.






StuffMerge is a little clipboard wizard with a simple but very useful objective. Anything that you copy on your Android phone is instantly added to Stuffmerge. Any links, contacts, text that you copy can be easily edited and shared using this app.




Glympse Express


Glympse Express allows you to share your real-time location for a limited duration. It generates a temporary link of your location that others can view on a live map. You can set the duration for which the link is live. The beauty of this app is that the people you share the link with do not need to have this app to track your location.




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