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Top 10 Android Apps Launched in September

Top 10 Android Apps Launched in September


Here’s a look at some of the latest must-have Android apps launched in September. Karan Binani from Mobiscrub tells you what’s hot on the Google Play Store and why.


S Converter

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S Converter is a fast, simple, and colourful Android unit converter. With a clean and simple user interface, this is the best unit converter on the Play Store. Convert kilometers to miles, kilograms to pounds, decimal numbers to binary numbers, and much more with ease. The app provides instant conversion as you type.


Download S Converter:




MindFlux is a fresh take on notes and time management. Free your mind and stay organized using this app. MindFlux combines all productivity tools into one and allows you to take notes, make checklists, track work, set up notifications and alarms and combine all calendars together into one main primary calendar.


Download Mindflux:


Heads Up Notifications


This app allows you to get notifications on your screen instead of the notification panel. You can swipe to dismiss the notification or tap on the notification to open the relevant app. It also lets you control when you wish to receive or mute notifications.


Download Heads Up Notifications:


Call PopOut


Call PopOut is a great way to multitask and answer or ignore a phone call without getting interrupted. This app shows incoming calls as a “chat head” – a small photo with the caller name and number. You can touch the photo to respond to the call and accept, reject or mute it.


Download call pop out:




Atlas is a great-looking Android web browser with multiple functionalities. Using this app, you can choose to render mobile or desktop version of websites and even choose what kind of content you want to display on the screen. This application is particularly useful if you are browsing websites on 2G as its “Text” mode makes the process faster.


Download Atlas browser:


Cabinet File Manager


A minimalist file manager for Android 4.1 and above, Cabinet File Manager lets you pin frequently-used folders like photos, videos etc. and provides quick access to your files and directories. You can alter and move files with ease without any prior configuration. Cabinet is user-friendly and has an eye-pleasing interface.


Download Cabinet Beta:




With Andrognito, you can now hide your confidential files in your Android device with an advanced 3-Layer Encryption Engine. All important files like pictures, videos, documents, apps are securely hidden inside a safe vault which nobody can access without the PIN (or password), thereby giving you complete control over your device’s privacy. A word of caution: if you uninstall this app, it deletes all files that were secured inside the vault.


Download Andrognito:


Pocket Lock


Pocket Lock is an app that locks your phone when you put it in your pocket and unlocks it when you take it out automatically. Thanks to this app, you don’t have to press the lock key on your phone a thousand times a day anymore. It even locks the screen when you keep the phone upside down and then unlocks it when you pick it up.


Download Pocket Lock:




Wunderlist helps you can create unlimited lists and share them effortlessly. It also syncs between your phone, tablet and computer so you can access your to-do lists from anywhere. One of the best features of this app is the “Activity Centre” which notifies you of events related to your lists.


Download Wunderlist:




BlingBoard is an all-in-one social widget that combines your missed calls, texts, Gmail, Twitter and Facebook widgets in one Android widget on your home screen. It displays a combined list of all your unread notifications and allows you to respond to them.


Download Blingboard:


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