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TN Seshan Is Alive; Viral Messages Claiming His Death Are Fake

TN Seshan Is Alive; Viral Messages Claiming His Death Are Fake

Family member confirms to BOOM that Mr Seshan is fine; his wife Jayalakshmi Seshan passed away on March 31.

TN Seshan

TN Seshan, Former Chief Election Commissioner


Viral fake messages on social media claimed a new victim today – former Chief Election Commissioner T N Seshan. Several messages on Twitter and WhatsApp claimed that the former firebrand EC who redefined the role of the election commission in the nineties has passed away in Chennai.




The news of his death also went viral on WhatsApp


T N Seshan

Screenshot of WhatsApp Message


But several users on Twitter including former CEC Dr S Y Quraishi disputed the news and said that it was not Seshan, but his wife Jayalakshmi Seshan who passed away on March 31.




BOOM called up the Chennai residence number of TN Seshan and a relative confirmed that the news was a hoax and that he was fine.


T N Seshan who served as the Chief Election Commissioner between 1990 to 1996 is widely credited for taking crucial steps to clean up the election process forcing political parties to toe the line. During his term, he cracked down on election malpractices, forced the issuance of voting ID cards, setting limits for poll expenditure and disqualifying candidates irrespective of their stature, if they didn’t meet the EC regulations.


During his period of service, the EC found its footing as an impartial election regulator focused only in the interest of the country’s voters and the preservation of democracy through free and fair election process. He won the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award for government service in 1996.


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