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Srinivasan Elected ICC Chairman: What's Next For Indian Cricket?

Srinivasan Elected ICC Chairman: What's Next For Indian Cricket?

With a tenure of two years, N Srinivasan can possibly do a lot of things, says Ayaz Memon on Boom News’s Show #CricketOMania.


“India is currently the most powerful country in cricket, and India, England and Australia will share the major spoils of the game,” Memon said.


Pradeep Magazine, advisor, sports, Hindustan Times, said: “Srinivasan should not have been made the ICC chairman. If a man is under cloud in his own country, how can he head an international body?”


Srinivasan has been investigated as part of the IPL spot fixing controversy.


Memon had this to say: “Srinivasan is fighting the case legally. So, there is no legal bar to him accepting ICC position. But if the Mudgal panel that is probing the IPL case indicts him, will he resign? There is a vulnerability to his position.”


Magazine feels other cricket boards are also to be blamed for not showing courage to go against the Indian board. “A man like Srinivasan will look at the game to generate more profits.”


Magazine was also clear that a man with conflict of interest should not head such a body.



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