Speed-Dating A Startup At DLD Tel Aviv

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DLD Innovation festival held at Tel Aviv city’s historic HaTachana compound was a maze of startups from different parts of Israel and the world. BOOM sat down with a number of them and we bring you the five that we found most interesting.

Cimagine: The Cimagine solution utilizes augmented reality (AR) technology to superimpose digital 3D images of an item onto a selected environment. Cimagine’s mobile device app allows users to scan products in-store or online and overlay a 3D representation of the object in an accurate manner that provides views from all angles, distances and color variations.

While the start-up founded in 2012 currently pertains to furniture and electronics, CEO and co-founder Yoni Nevo says in the future the company may expand to include jewelry and apparel.

Weave: Organisations looking to make their functioning more efficient now have the option of using Weave's communication analysis tool. Weave will use data from the company's email system to look at the frequency at which projects are being talked about, and the time taken to revert to emails to predict the completion time as well as the pace at which various teams move and co-ordinate with each other. Weave has tied up with a business consultant firm and is in talks with MNCs for a test run.

start A Fire: This startup wants you to extract the full potential of your shared content. start A FIRE adds a badge with the company's brand and content to every external link shared to drive traffic back to the website page and content. start A FIRE technology acts as a smart real time proxy between the user and the actual website by following the complete proxy protocol. All server communication goes from start A FIRE to the actual website domain.

Livn (Smart Irrigation System): Being smart about when you water your plants or your fields is what Livn is about. Based on the statistic that 60% of irrigated water is wasted Livn integrates real-time weather forecast data in its system. It also syncs with moisture sensors installed in the lawn, garden or field to optimise the quantity of water needed. The system is still a dream for developing nations but is already being put into use in Australia and the US.

Branto(Smart Home): Branto is an LED-illuminated sphere that promises to take on all of your home security and automation needs. Branto sells at $300 a piece but promises worth for the money.

For starters, Branto supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and Global System for Mobile Communications (commonly shortened to GSM). That's partly so you can tap into core features, like its built-in 100-degree 1080p camera with 360-degree pan, complete with motion and sound alerts, two-way talk, night vision and local storage (thanks to an included 16GB internal memory card; cloud storage is elective), as well as audio streaming, video conferencing and an optional door/window sensor accessory, dubbed Branto Bit.

Branto is also outfitted with a rechargeable battery and an optional cellular data connection (via GSM). That means that it should work even if you lose your Wi-Fi connection or power altogether. In fact, it is designed to go on the road with you as needed -- the 3,000mAh battery is supposed to last from 3 to 12 hours depending on usage.

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