SOSA: We Are The Tech-Startup Industry's Village Square

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Forming part of the startup ecosystem in Tel Aviv-Israel, is a platform called Sosa. They act as enablers by providing co-working space but also as accelerators by connecting startups under their roof to the right people. Boom met Sosa's group CEO Roy Oron in Tel Aviv.

Due to a thriving tech startup industry, there are many platforms that have come up to support and nurture it. One such enabler/ accelerator is Sosa in Tel Aviv. Sosa has been set up by former venture capitalists, and is headed by one. SOSA, which stands for South of Salame, is located in South Tel Aviv and takes up four floors of a vintage industrial building.

Sosa's Group CEO, Roy Oron says that the platform exists to connect the right people at the right time. It is a platform "for the industry and has been created by former industry-men."

Sosa was not created by any altruistic motive rather it proudly claims to be for profit. It claims to create value for all - those benefiting from it and those investing in it. They, interestingly call themselves the startup industry's village square and as Oron puts it, "In any village, there is just one square that people gather around - we are that square."

Over 2500 companies form part of the Sosa network - all startups in Israel and abroad.

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