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Should Decision Review System Be Made Mandatory For All?

Should Decision Review System Be Made Mandatory For All?

While the on-going India-England test cricket series is underway without the decision review system (DRS), former test cricketer Chetan Chauhan feels it is time for the game to adapt to technology and International Cricket Council (ICC) should manage the costs.


Chauhan was participating in a discussion on BoomNews’s show #Cricket-O-Mania with Ayaz Memon and Govindraj Ethiraj.


“The replays of Murli Vijay’s wicket showed that he was not out in the first innings. He is playing for his place in the test team. Imagine if this would have happened when he was batting at 15/17/18,” Memon said.

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The Indian cricket board is still not convinced about the hawk eye technology used for DRS but the “surprise is that it is used for certain matches and not for some matches.’


Chauhan was of the opinion that if technology is available, we should use it. “I know the cost of DRS technology is exorbitant.”


Memon added that hawk eye technology costs around $50,000 per day but ICC needs to take a more broader, holistic view on the issue. “Neutral umpires are paid salaries by ICC.”


Recalling his playing days, Chauhan said a lot of decisions went against him. “I got the benefit of doubt only once. The walk out in 1998 (with Gavaskar) would not have happened if there was the decision review technology, “Chauhan added.


While Memon highlighted the fact that players could lose their place in the team due to a wrong decision, Chauhan said livelihoods depend on cricket. “1-2 decisions can affect the nature and result of the match and series.”


Memon said technology can eliminate human errors. “The international football body FIFA accepted the hawk eye technology for the 2014 world cup after a lot of reluctance.”



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