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Shiv Sena MPs Force Feed Fasting Muslim Caterer: Habitual Bully Again?

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Shiv Sena MPs Force Feed Fasting Muslim Caterer: Habitual Bully Again?

Shiv Sena Members of Parliament force fed a fasting Muslim caterer protesting against bad food and services at Maharashtra Bhavan in Delhi.


Senior journalist Kumar Ketkar said while the MPs can be given the benefit of doubt, “the fact that they were bullying cannot be denied. The kind of ragging done by MPs is extremely shameful.”


BoomNew’s show #IndiaHangout was discussing the developments with Ketkar and Mandar Phanse, Editor, Saam TV.


Phanse was sure that no sane person will do anything to hurt sentiments.


Ketkar said complaints about the management of Maharashtra Bhavan has been there for some time now. “And the feeling is BJP MPs have got better accommodation than Shiv Sena MPs.”


While Phanse said Shiv Sena is known for such protests, Ketkar added that they have not been trained for Parliamentary forms of protest.


Ketkar suggested that Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray should apologise unconditionally. “Such developments can have repercussions. BJP must mediate and ask Shiv Sena to apologise.”


While Phanse pointed out that the media should not blow such issues out of proportion, Ketkar also agreed with the view.


“And I don’t see any problems between BJP-SS because of this incident,” Phanse said.



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