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What Private Cabs Must Do To Improve Safety

What Private Cabs Must Do To Improve Safety

A 27-year-old girl working for a finance company in New Delhi was allegedly raped by an Uber cab driver on the night of 5th December, 2014. The girl was returning from a dinner party in Gurgaon and was on her way home.


Following the incident, the Delhi government banned, with immediate effect, all operations by Uber in the city. Subsequently, it also banned operations by Ola Cabs, another radio-taxi service running on a similar app platform. The Delhi Traffic Police also impounded more than 500 cabs for violation of permit conditions and challaned nearly 4000 drivers for various violations.


This incident also comes on the heels of the horrific Nirbhaya rape case where a young physiotherapist was raped and killed in a bus by three men on December 16, 2012. The event had led to a nation-wide uproar.

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Citizens are once again asking what kind of steps would really make Delhi safer for women?


PTI reports that in a first of its kind project in the country, mini drones fitted with night vision cameras will be used to patrol the streets of the national capital by the Delhi Police in order to make the city safer for women.


“We will work out system to ensure that no person with criminal antecedents gets a license. We will devise a new system for issuing these certificates and verification. They will be done after proper police investigation,” Delhi Police chief BS Bassi told NDTV.


But what changes do the people of Delhi really want to make the city safe for women? What do residents really want the authorities to do so as to ensure that they feel secure?

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