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Results 2014: Breaking Down The New Mandate

Results 2014: Breaking Down The New Mandate


So, what worked in favour of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) leader Narendra Modi during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections? A clear shift of Dalit/Muslim votes to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a vote for governance and leadership and a clear preference for the BJP among young voters.


That, among others, are the salient points that came across on Boom News’s #TheIndiaHangout that got together Govindraj Ethiraj, Yashwant Deshmukh, founder of CVoter, Rajeeva Karandikar of Chennai Mathematical Institute and Chakshu Rai of PRS Legislative.

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Some of the other key highlights of the debate:


Middle class has become a vote bank; not based on caste/religion: Deshmukh


Leaders who have performed well have defied the Modi wave: Deshmukh


Performance at the micro level matters a lot: Deshmukh


People were thinking in terms of governance: Deshmukh


10% Muslim votes to NDA, according to our calculations: Karandikar


Around 43% of 18-25 age group voters supported NDA: Karandikar


We have roughly the same demographics of people in Parliament that we had in 2009: Rai


There was anger against centre, anger against state Govt in Uttar Pradesh: Karandikar


Top three issues for voters were price rise, governance and leadership: Karandikar


Religion/Hindutva was never among the top issues this time: Karandikar


There is now enormous pressure on BJP to deliver: Karandikar


300 new members of Parliament coming in like 2009: Rai


A number of experienced MPs have lost the elections: Rai


With a weak opposition, the role of Parliament becomes more important: Rai



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