Republican Convention: Protesters Crash Donald Trump’s Nomination Process

Delegates tried to stage a last-ditch revolt against Donald Trump. Those opposing Trump broke into jeers, chants of “Roll Call Vote! Roll Call Vote!” in an attempt to demand a vote by all 2,472 delegates. Trump supporters then began with their own chants of “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!”.

[video type='youtube' id='WCmmly-keLM' height='365']

After several minutes of confusion, the anti-Trump delegates were stalled. The group issued a statement later accusing convention leaders of "strong-arming delegates and skirting the rules" to silence critics. The floor skirmish was further evidence the Republican party had a long way to go towards unity.

The theme at the first day of Republican Convention was Trump’s line “Make America Safe Again, Great Again".

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