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Prime Minister Modi’s Governance Challenge & Role of Technology

Prime Minister Modi’s Governance Challenge & Role of Technology


Having run a successful election campaign using technology, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s next big challenge would be governance. And the question is – what role does technology play in easy governance?


Sanjay Jaju, Secretary (IT) of Andhra Pradesh, said on BoomNews’s show #IndiaHangout that technology is only an enabler, and what is essentially required is political and adminstrative will.


Here are some other highlights:


e-Seva centres run by local entrepreneurs: Jaju


15 million transactions in 18 months: Jaju


All mining and industrial licences are given through e-seva services: Jaju


Why can’t databases talk to each other?


1/3rd transactions can be done online: Jaju


We have set time limits for all services: Jaju


Identify all touch points and technology can integrate departments: Jaju


It is important to break department silos: Jaju


Nothing is done in e-seva without a digital signature: Jaju


Are people receptive to technology? Memon


Political backing made departments come to us: Jaju



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